Vision Care Center of Idaho

Where Experience Meets Art Form


In August of 1999 Dr. Jorge Martinez realized the fruition of a professional aspiration to open an eye surgery center where he could provide the best of everything related to vision and cataract surgery in one location. A place where no compromise is made, and where the finest eye surgery care is delivered  in an efficient, elegant and private setting that is always on the leading edge of care.

Nineteen years and numerous government and private third party inspections later, we are still going strong and true to this vision. We still hear comments from inspectors and professionals in the field alike that remark - "...this is a rare gem.." "...who would think to find this level of skill in Idaho?" or our favorite "I know where I am coming for my eye surgery!"

We eagerly anticipate the chance to help you with your eye surgery needs, and to make your experience a great one.

Surgical Eye Care That Sets The Standard